Aside from the blatantly FALSE allegations against him, documented court records show the grave injustice being suffered by

Sergeant Ralph is a direct result of Ineffective Counsel:


1.  Failure to investigate or subpoena business records vital to the case;

2.  Failure to call character witnesses during the trail;

3.  Advising defendant not to testify on his own behalf;

4.  Failure to investigate and call relevant and known witnesses;

5.  Failure to impeach Commonwealth's witness with proven, provided evidence

     of perjury;

6.  Failure to expose bias and motive of Commonwealth's witnesses;

7.  Failure to request a mistrial when complainant could not reasonably provide

     an explanation for the lengthy delay (almost two years) in reporting the


8.  Failure to call the Police Officer who had testimony to refute complainant's


9.  Failure to argue that Commonwealth never held a Grand Jury to indict

     defendant AS PRESCRIBED BY LAW.




 Sergeant Ralph will spend the next 21 years incarcerated for a crime he did not commit without the help of all of us. All citizens may provide the kind of support that may help reach the end goal: Get Sergeant Ralph out of prison and prove his innocence once and for all! This case needs to be brought before a new jury. The original jury did not have a fair opportunity to hear and weigh the evidence.  In fact, there is evidence that one jury member SLEPT while testimony was being given!  As a man who fought honorably for over TEN YEARS to preserve our system of justice, we owe Sergeant Ralph a fair trial in accordance with the Constitutional principles this country was founded upon.  As citizens of the United States, we need to ensure this matter is handled right. Sergeant Ralph fought to ensure our way of life. Let us show him our support by not tolerating this grave injustice. To see how you can help, click here.