Sergeant Ralph is looking at a sentence that will keep him incarcerated up to 21 more years for a crime he did not commit.  He needs the help and support of ALL of us! The Ralph Roman Legal Defense Trust Fund was formed to help with the substantial legal expenses that are being incurred to help Sergeant Ralph fight the good fight. 

Below you will see how you may provide the kind of support that may get justice for Sergeant Ralph.  This case needs to be brought before a new jury.   As someone who has risked his life to preserve our system of justice, Sergeant Ralph deserves a fair trial in accordance with the Constitutional principles that he has spent his life serving and protecting.  Won't you show your support today? 

We invite you to join Sergeant Ralph's many family,  friends and colleagues, in supporting this good man and clearing his name. The Trustee will deposit all monies collected to the Ralph Roman Legal Defense Trust and these funds will be utilized to offset legal expenses and help secure legal representation for him.

*To make your contribution to the Ralph Roman Legal Defense Trust by credit card, click here.


*To mail in money orders or checks, please send them to:

                      The Ralph Roman Legal Defense Trust Fund

                      P.O. Box 1463

                      Melrose Park, Illinois 60161-1463

*To call with questions, concerns or ways to help with fundraising,  call 1-331-Ralph10 (1-331-725-7410)

*To offer probono legal assistance/research services or to become part of Sergeant Ralph's counsel, please email:

Please know that any contribution amount is greatly appreciated.  Spread the word!  We gratefully thank you for your support.