Sargent Ralph enlisted in the US Army in May, 1988, at the age of 23.  During his enlistment, Sargent Ralph was deployed on the following missions:

1.  Operation Just Cause - Panama

2.  Operation Desert Shield - Gulf War

3.  Operation Desert Storm - Iraqi War

Throughout his military career, Sargent Ralph received numerous wards and citations, including:

1.  Parachutist badge with Combat Star

2.  E.I.B. (Expert Infantryman Badge)

3.  C.I.B. (Combat Infantryman Badge

4.  Numerous A.A.M.s (Army Achievement Metal)

5.  Good Conduct Metal (3 of them)

Off-Post Training Exercises included:

1.  NTC (National Training Center)

2.  JRTC (Ft. Polk, LA and Ft. Campbell, KY)

3.  Jungle Training Center, Panama

4.  Overseas Tour - Vilsek Germany

5.  Joint Training - Spain

6.  Countless other on-post deployments/training exercises over the

     course of ten years too numerous to post.

Sargent Ralph is a courageous fighter with a long track record of his good merits.  In September, 1998, Sargent Ralph was granted an Honorable Discharge.  This allowed him to return home to spend real time with his family and friends.

 A son, a brother, an uncle, and father who has solid beliefs in love, equality, discipline and respect, Sargent Ralph returned to his hometown in Illinois.  There he resumed civilian life working tech support at a call center for a national company.  Ironically, after surviving 10+ years in the military and surviving three wars without injuries, Sargent Ralph received his first bullet fighting for his life in the streets of Chicago.  This shooting launched a series of events which ultimately led to Sargent Ralph being accused of a crime he didn't commit. 

Sargent Ralph cooperated willingly with the authorities, assured of his innocence and quick resolution of the false accusations.  Instead of being exonerated of all charges, Sargent Ralph found himself engrossed in a full-on battle for survival and a fight for his freedom.  Erroneously placing his faith in a probono rookie attorney whose rotation had come due, Sargent Ralph stood in shock as he listened to a judge wrongly convict him and sentenced him to 13-27 years in prison! 

Sargent Ralph continues to fight the fight.  His closest family and friends know he is innocent of all charges, and are helping him to remain steadfast and strong. Not only does he need our continued support, but he needs the support of all people who would not want to endure such injustices.  He needs YOUR support.  To find out how to help, click here...